Have a little Yin with that Yang

Now that I’m in Sacramento and finally in the same city as my husband again, I have been blessed that a studio I taught a couple of classes at last year needed someone to take over a Yin/Yang class.  I’m taking on a new adventure in my teaching – teaching Yin. I’ve never had a Yin practice, and I … Continue reading

A little hiatus, a lot of perspective

I haven’t really been able to get myself to write anything since my post about my grandmother’s passing…not because nothing comes to mind but because nothing seems as personal and true as my last post. So a new year, and I’m trying to jump back in – because there are tons of things that pass … Continue reading

A loss, a blessing, a life.

  On Monday morning a little after 3am, my grandmother passed away. I am thankful for having the privilege of knowing her and having her be a second mother to me. I grew up in a house with my mother and grandmother. I shared a bunk-bed with my grandmother. I spent many nights climbing down … Continue reading

Staying Grounded

I’m just about a month into my new day job. Getting settled into a new job, city, and apartment have been a bit exhausting. I’m on the hunt for a yoga studio to call home, but most studios near my house don’t work with my schedule. And the studios near work require me to take … Continue reading

Why Teach?

Why did I decide that I wanted to teach yoga? Well, anytime you experience something that you feel has improved your life, don’t you want to share it with everyone? This is why I want to teach yoga. I want to give people a chance to find what I’ve found in yoga – contentment, the … Continue reading

Mantra Magic

The magic of mantras is known to many people…even non yogis. Long before I ever discovered yoga and the sutras, mantras were already present in my life. I actually believe that mantras are built into our human nature and the concept of using a mantra needs no “how to guide” or introduction. Just a short … Continue reading


Translation: “Now the exposition of yoga is being made” I just finished the 200hr yoga teacher training program at Yoga Works yesterday! I am so excited and happy and content and grateful.  I share today the first sutra of the first pada because when something ends, something begins.  While the end of the training program … Continue reading


Contentment is an idea that I’ve been pondering for a very long time. When Dave and I first started dating, he asked me what I wanted in my life. I told him that when I’m old and gray in my rocking chair, I want to look back at my years as a whole and feel … Continue reading

Yoga – more than just poses

I first sought for a yoga class in the efforts to nurse my runner’s knee; I never expected how much a part of my life it would become.  After walking out of my first class, I knew that there was something else that yoga could give me besides physical flexibility. I noticed that my mind quieted, … Continue reading